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We are the union of different personalities, passions, and knowledge.

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A creative space where experts in branding, design, marketing, web development, audiovisual production, animation and digital brand development coexist.

An integral agency

Pix by Pix was inpired by our CEO to create a 360° integral agency where you can find a real and effective understanding for your brand.


We were established

In Puebla city, Mexico in October 2015. In just 6 years our team has worked with different states throughout Mexico, as well as, other countries like in United States and Germany.  

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Brand and People (BR & PPL) are the basis of our unique branding strategies is understand that brands are for people  who feel. We have collaborated with more than 70 brands and have given life to more than 40 of them. We not only oversee their creation, but guide them in their growth to success.